Acceleration Station

Faster Manufacturing for Go-To-Market Success

PPIM Youtube ScreencapGetting a product to market faster provides a significant competitive advantage that often results in increased revenue and market share. While there are many facets to a winning go-to-market strategy, design changes, prototyping and building molds can delay a product launch. Part of the Carbon Production Network, PPIM’s parent company, Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), delivers high-quality plastic parts faster with its Acceleration Station™.

The Acceleration Station, powered by the Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) additive manufacturing process, delivers production and prototype parts in days, not weeks without tooling. Carbon DLS is up to 100 times faster than traditional additive methods. Acceleration Station protocols adheres precisely to your specifications, performance and safety standards.

The Acceleration Station™ engineering and production teams work closely with you to save time and money, by optimizing parts for digital manufacturing. Design for additive manufacturing can minimize the total number of components required or make previously unmanufacturable parts, such as lattices and complex geometries, possible.

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  • Make one, make a million
  • Faster path to market
  • No tooling costs
  • Low volume to mass production
  • Design freedom, including complex geometries, lattices and texturing
  • Customization and variable product marking
  • Nonporous parts, comparable to thermoplastic injection molding
  • Wide selection of materials customized for mechanical properties, surface finish and stability
  • Process traceability

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