Design, Fabrication and Validation of MoldsPlastic molds

PPIM’s tool-room is fully equipped to make the highest-quality custom molds and tooling. Refined over 30 years, our mold-making process has all the necessary checkpoints to ensure quality and the tracking mechanisms to ensure delivery dates. You benefit from PPIM’s knowledge and experience—providing a competitive advantage through innovative solutions. Challenging projects and complex precision parts are routine for us.

PPIM has everything in-house to design, fabricate and validate your mold in a production environment.

The benefits:

  • Quick response—No inter-functional delays, no trans-oceanic shipping. You get production molds made in the time it takes others manufactures to make prototype molds.
  • Reduced costs—Quick-turn production molds can eliminate throw-away prototype tooling.
  • Low-schedule and low-financial risk—Single-point responsibility, simplified communications, no translation problems, no lost/delayed shipments.


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