Reshore Parts Manufacturing with Confidence

Posted on Aug 29, 2022 in Company News


Supply chain uncertainties and increasing geopolitical tensions have encouraged many United States companies to reshore the manufacture of critical parts and products to North America. Improved supply chain reliability, closer proximity to materials and greater vendor collaboration deliver the added benefits of increased speed to market and shorter lead times. Additionally, many contract manufacturers, including Pacific Plastics Injection Molding, invest in advanced manufacturing and automation technologies to maximize efficiency and improve your profit margins.

Download this white paper for expert tips on assembling a tool transfer team as well as what to look for and document at an on-site visit with the current vendor. It also outlines the typical steps the new supplier will follow, from documenting receipt of the mold and evaluating the parts for manufacturability, to preparation of the first-article inspection report (FAIR). Click on the links below to download the white paper and learn more about our Transfer Tool Program.

Download Tool Transfer White Paper